West Valley College - Alviso


Don't see your bus stop listed? Plan to arrive at the stop at least five (5) minutes prior to the bus arrival time (all times are approximate).

Northbound, Weekdays

West Valley Transit CenterSaratoga & CampbellSaratoga & WilliamsKiely & Stevens CreekBowers & El Camino RealScott & BowersScott & Space ParkDe La Cruz & Aldo1st & TasmanLiberty & Taylor
-6:03 AM6:07 AM6:12 AM6:20 AM6:27 AM6:31 AM6:39 AM6:53 AM7:01 AM
7:00 AM7:08 AM7:13 AM7:19 AM7:28 AM7:37 AM7:42 AM7:51 AM8:06 AM8:15 AM
-6:40 AM6:44 AM6:50 AM6:58 AM7:06 AM7:10 AM7:19 AM7:33 AM7:42 AM
7:27 AM7:36 AM7:41 AM7:48 AM7:57 AM8:06 AM8:11 AM8:20 AM8:37 AM8:46 AM
7:56 AM8:05 AM8:11 AM8:18 AM8:27 AM8:37 AM8:42 AM8:51 AM9:08 AM9:17 AM
8:28 AM8:37 AM8:44 AM8:51 AM9:00 AM9:10 AM9:15 AM9:24 AM9:41 AM9:50 AM
9:00 AM9:09 AM9:16 AM9:23 AM9:32 AM9:41 AM9:46 AM9:55 AM10:11 AM10:20 AM
----10:30 AM10:39 AM10:44 AM10:52 AM11:06 AM11:16 AM
2:54 PM3:04 PM3:11 PM3:19 PM3:28 PM3:38 PM3:43 PM3:53 PM4:06 PM4:14 PM
----11:30 AM11:39 AM11:44 AM11:52 AM12:06 PM12:16 PM
3:21 PM3:31 PM3:38 PM3:46 PM3:55 PM4:05 PM4:10 PM4:20 PM4:33 PM4:41 PM
----12:30 PM12:39 PM12:44 PM12:52 PM1:06 PM1:16 PM
3:44 PM3:54 PM4:01 PM4:08 PM4:18 PM4:28 PM4:33 PM4:44 PM4:59 PM5:07 PM
----1:29 PM1:38 PM1:43 PM1:51 PM2:04 PM2:13 PM
4:11 PM4:21 PM4:28 PM4:35 PM4:45 PM4:55 PM5:00 PM5:11 PM5:27 PM5:35 PM
----2:29 PM2:38 PM2:43 PM2:52 PM3:05 PM3:14 PM
4:40 PM4:50 PM4:57 PM5:04 PM5:14 PM5:24 PM5:29 PM5:40 PM5:56 PM6:04 PM
5:11 PM5:21 PM5:28 PM5:35 PM5:44 PM5:54 PM5:59 PM6:09 PM6:25 PM6:33 PM
5:42 PM5:52 PM5:59 PM6:06 PM6:15 PM6:25 PM6:30 PM6:40 PM6:56 PM7:04 PM