Route 31
Evergreen Valley College - Eastridge
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Don't see your bus stop listed? Plan to arrive at the stop at least five (5) minutes prior to the bus arrival time (all times are approximate).

Northbound, Weekdays
Evergreen Valley CollegeAborn & WhiteSilver Creek & CapitolEastridge Transit Center (Bay 15)
-6:06 AM6:10 AM6:19 AM
7:02 AM7:09 AM7:15 AM7:24 AM
7:33 AM7:41 AM7:48 AM7:59 AM
8:07 AM8:15 AM8:22 AM8:32 AM
8:31 AM8:39 AM8:46 AM8:56 AM
8:56 AM9:04 AM9:11 AM9:21 AM
9:22 AM9:30 AM9:36 AM9:46 AM
9:55 AM10:02 AM10:08 AM10:19 AM
10:26 AM10:33 AM10:39 AM10:50 AM
10:52 AM10:59 AM11:05 AM11:16 AM
11:26 AM11:34 AM11:40 AM11:51 AM
11:56 AM12:04 PM12:10 PM12:21 PM
12:22 PM12:31 PM12:37 PM12:48 PM
12:58 PM1:06 PM1:12 PM1:23 PM
1:28 PM1:36 PM1:43 PM1:54 PM
1:50 PM--2:13 PM
1:53 PM2:01 PM2:08 PM2:19 PM
2:28 PM2:36 PM2:44 PM2:56 PM
3:00 PM3:08 PM3:16 PM3:28 PM
3:25 PM3:33 PM3:41 PM3:53 PM
4:00 PM4:08 PM4:15 PM4:26 PM
4:26 PM4:34 PM4:41 PM4:52 PM
4:56 PM5:04 PM5:11 PM5:23 PM
5:27 PM5:35 PM5:42 PM5:54 PM
5:58 PM6:07 PM6:14 PM6:26 PM
6:26 PM6:34 PM6:41 PM6:52 PM
6:56 PM7:04 PM7:11 PM7:22 PM
7:28 PM7:35 PM7:41 PM7:51 PM
8:05 PM8:12 PM8:18 PM8:28 PM
9:15 PM9:22 PM9:27 PM9:36 PM
10:08 PM10:14 PM10:18 PM10:26 PM