Bicycle Program

VTA's comprehensive Bicycle Program is committed to improving the bicycle infrastructure throughout Santa Clara County, and to enabling and encouraging people to bike to work, school, errands and for recreation. Implemented in 1998, the program provides facilities, services, and programs dedicated to make bicycling a safer and more practical option for Santa Clara County residents and visitors.

VTA is a strong proponent of bicycle commuting and allowing bikes and transit to work together seamlessly. All VTA buses are equipped with bike racks and all light rail vehicles have internal racks. 

In addition to bringing bikes on board transit, bike commuters have access to secure bike parking systemwide. Bike racks and bike lockers have been installed in nearly all VTA Park & Ride lots and Transit Centers and bike parking demand is continuously monitored.

VTA also publishes the Santa Clara Valley Bikeways Map.

The Bicycle Program is constantly looking for ways to expand and improve its current bicycle programs and promotions. Greater emphasis is being placed on developing new programs to enhance education and outreach, pedestrian projects, bicycle/pedestrian collision monitoring, and improving overall biking conditions in Santa Clara County.

New state legislation on Complete Streets and greenhouse gas emissions will undoubtedly create new opportunities for the VTA Bicycle Program to contribute to solving the region’s transportation challenges.

Countywide Bike Plan

In addition to providing transit service for Santa Clara County, VTA serves as the county’s Congestion Management Agency and is responsible for long-range transportation planning, including planning for bicyclists. VTA publishes the Countywide Bicycle Plan, which guides bicycle projects in the County over the next 25 years.

Bicycle Technical Guidelines

VTA publishes the Bicycle Technical Guidelines to help Member Agencies provide optimal bicycle accommodation and ensure that bicycle planning, as well as roadway planning, remains consistent countywide. VTA updates the guidelines on a periodic basis.

The guidelines provide a set of standards and best practices for roadway and bikeway design at the time of publication. As the complementary companion to the Countywide Bicycle Plan and the Bicycle Expenditure Program, the guidelines should be used as a resource by both roadway and bikeway planners and designers.

VTA first adopted the guidelines in 1999 and updates them on a periodic basis. The Bicycle Program expanded and re-adopted the guidelines in 2007 in 2012.

Bicycle Technical Guidelines Files

Readers should confirm that outside documents have not changed since the date of publication. A list of other common bicycle design documents is provided below.

Other Bicycle Design Guides

Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee

The Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC) consists of 16 members representing each of the 15 cities and the county. It also has one ex-officio (non-voting) position for the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition. The BPAC advises the Board on funding and planning issues for bicycle and pedestrian projects. It also serves as the countywide bicycle advisory committee for Santa Clara County.

Bicycle Expenditure Program

The Bicycle Expenditure Program (BEP) was first adopted in 2000 by the VTA Board of Directors as the funding mechanism for countywide bicycle projects.

Approximately every four years, VTA updates the BEP Project List, which is a list of bicycle projects that can be funded over the next 25 years within the constraints of anticipated bicycle funding.

The BEP project list is incorporated into the Valley Transportation Plan, Santa Clara County’s  Long  Range Transportation Plan, as the bicycle element of that plan. 

The funds programmed towards BEP projects come from a combination of funding programs.

  • 1996 Measure B sales tax
  • Transportation Fund for Clean Air 40% Program (TFCA 40%)
  • Transportation Development Act Article 3 Pedestrian Bicycle Program (TDA 3)
  • Regional Bicycle/Pedestrian Program Funds (RBPP)
  • Federal Transportation Enhancement
  • Federal Congestion Mitigation & Air Quality Improvement Program (CMAQ)

Bicycle Expenditure Plan Project List 2040 – Adopted May 2013 

View map of Bicycle Expenditure Program Projects